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Famous Mathematician: Blaise Pascal


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Blaise Pascal was born in Clermont, France to Etienne Pascal and Antoinette Bégon, on June 19th, 1623 and was baptized on June 27th of that same year. Etienne and Antoinette were parents to three other children; Jacqueline, Gustine, and one other unknown female. Etienne was a tax judge who was considered important, domineering, educated and religious. Antoinette was a religious and kind woman who suffered from poor health and as a result, shortly after Blaise's 3rd birthday, she died due to virus and infection.

Blaise inherited his father's mathematical ability, love of knowledge and self-importance early in life, but developed his mother's kindness, virtuosness and poor health. Though Pascal was sickly from birth, he enjoyed a relatively happy childhood with his family.

Blaise Pascal's Birth City